The Ever-present Question—WHY?

Maybe you never ask, but it seems that the first thing out of a toddler’s mouth is “why” and we continue to ask it our entire lives.  WHY?  Sometimes we even ask God that question.  That doesn’t mean we always get an answer to our question, but I thought I would take time to answer the “WHY?” of doing a church drama.  We are hosting a drama called “Heaven’s Gates & Hell’s Flames” at 7 PM each night on Sunday, February 28; Monday, February 29; and Wednesday, March 2nd.  Several people have asked, “Why?”default_question-mark

Here’s a brief summary:

  • The young man who played a part and it so changed his perspective that he altered his own life style and reached out to his friends.
  • The little girl who watched the play with her grandmother and then went home to ask her dad if he had made a decision about entering Heaven’s Gate or Hell’s Flames.
  • The entire family that came to the know the love of Jesus through the teenage son’s conversion that night.
  • The grandparents that accepted forgiveness just a short time before literally going through Heaven’s gate.
  • The pastor that brought his own youth group to hear the message one more time and watched them make decisions for Christ.HeavensGates-Logo-for-web

All good reasons and reason enough, but the real answer is that we are commissioned by our Savior to take every opportunity to share the good news of Jesus’ love and redemption.  There is no cost too high or effort too great in order to fulfill that commission.  Please take an evening to come and invite your own friends to join us for another chance to share the gospel news with our community.

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