Missionaries We Support

A Caring Pregnancy Resource Center

Brush, CO

We provide free and private pregnancy test, information and support for pregnant parents, infant clothing and preborn parenting classes.

Frontier School of the Bible

LaGrange, WY

The school motto, taken from Matthew 11:29, is an invitation to become a disciple of the Lord and “learn” of Him. Frontier School of the Bible is a unique school in a unique setting that provides a wonderful place to take His yoke and prepare for life and ministry

Cameron and Tessa Brandenburg

Christian Challenge 

Fort Hayes State University

Christian Challenge exists for the Glory of God. We are a group who seeks and welcomes students and gives them the opportunity to know Jesus Christ as Lord, so that they would love God, love others, and serve the world.

Joshua and Kathy Elliott

Frontier School of the Bible

LaGrange, WY

Joshua Elliott is a teacher at Frontier School of the Bible.

Bill and Sandi Graf

Edinburg, TX

Teaching our Latin American brethren to be true servants of the Lord Jesus Christ, taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth, …

David and Silvia Hock

Montevideo, Uruguay

David and Silvia Hock are new missionaries who will be working with Belinda Spilman.

Keith and Wendy Hock

Montevideo, Uruguay

Keith and Wendy Hock are missionaries with Biblical Ministries Worldwide, serving in Montevideo, Uruguay, where they have planted a church.  They have five children who were home schooled in the mission field.  

Charlie and Sue Hornick

Frontier School of the Bible,

La Grange, WY

Charlie became the Academic Dean and an Instructor at Frontier School of the Bible in 2015 in LaGrange, WY. For the past 20+ years he has served on the Tentmakers Bible Mission board.

Brad and Hannah Ketterling

Longview, WA

Brad Ketterling is a deaf missionary with Biblical Ministries Worldwide.

Tom and Kathy Lindquist

Congo and Pinellas Park, FL

Using 2 Timothy 2:2 as our guide, we work in leadership development with the Berean Association of Churches.

Ron and Becky Moyer

Washington, KS

Several years ago, Ronnie began teaching a “Touch of the Master’s Hand” Horsemanship Clinics and Demonstrations.  The purpose is to use the horse and human relationship to illustrate Biblical Truth about a relationship between GOD and HIS children.

Luke and Vickie Myers

Sanford, FL

Missionaries serving in the USA play vital roles on the church planting team such as training, accounting for and transferring gifts, recruiting missionaries and informing and involving churches and individuals. 

Belinda Spilman

Montevideo, Uruguay

The mission’s purpose is serve the Lord and local churches by establishing reproducing churches.

John and Siera Thornton

Hawk Springs, WY

They are with Rural Home Missionary Association.