Missionaries We Support

Frontier School of the Bible – La Grange, WY

Frontier School of the Bible

Pregnancy Resource Center – Brush, CO

Pregnancy Resource Center

Riverview Christian School – Brush, CO

Riverview Christian School

Cameron and Tessa Brandenburg – Christian Challenge – Hays, KS

Cameron and Tessa Brandenburg

Bill and Sandi Graf – Edinburg, TX

Bill and Sandi Graf

Keith and Wendy Hock – Montevideo, Uruguay

Keith and Wendy Hock

Charlie and Sue Hornick – La Grange, WY

Charlie and Sue Hornick

Alex and Isabel Jaruchik – Ukraine (Far East Broadcasting Company)

Alex and Isabel Jaruchik

Brad and Hannah Ketterling – Longview, WA Longview Deaf Church

Brad and Hannah Ketterling

Tom and Kathy Lindquist – Pinellas Park, FL

Tom and Kathy Lindquist

Becky McClure – Alaska – (Cadence International)

Becky McClure

Ron and Becky Moyer – Washington, KS (Living Springs Ranch)

Ron and Becky Moyer

Luke and Vickie Myers – Sanford, FL (New Tribes Mission)

Luke and Vicki Myers

Eleanor Ransom – Brigham City, UT

Ira and Eleanor Ransom (2)

Chris and Danielle Small – West Haven, UT

Belinda Spilman – Montevideo, Uruguay

Belinda Spilman


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