#SoulSurvival Week 5

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  #SoulSurvival is really an anchor for my week.  It stirs new questions and thoughts and even prayer requests.  We know that we are created as social beings and our hope is that this study is providing some (virtual) connections and fellowship for you.  The Anchor of the Week this time is just that:  Friendship, Fellowship and Servant-hood.  Our friendship circles are wide but our fellowship circles begin with other believers.

Our Anchor Verse is Philippians 2:2.  “make my joy complete by being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit, intent on one purpose.” Let’s work on memorizing it together.  Then we can work on enacting it together. This week how can you/I …

  • Be of the same mind as fellow believers?
  • Maintain the same love as fellow believers?
  • Be united in spirit as fellow believers?
  • Have one purpose as fellow believers?

Of course, we included a song and you can listen for it are here.  Our “Servant King” is the best example we can have.  As an additional resource we have a unique connection with Laura’s younger brother, Anthon Hall,  speaking at his church in California.  He just “happened” to be speaking this week on the same topics.  (unity in serving where he is).  You can listen here.

As friends we can look at the characteristics of a godly friend with Activity Sheet 1. This will help us be one and find one. Then we can look at serving together in unity with Activity Sheet 2.  As Snyder Bible Church we are placed here in a unique time to serve together.  Let’s make friends, be a friend and keep our unity of purpose.

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