#SoulSuvival Week 7

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Anchor of the Week:  Be Still and Know – Be Secure

Anchor Verse:  Psalm 46:10  Cease striving (be still) and know that I am God; I will be exalted above the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.


As we finished our study learning how to rely on Christ as our Soul Anchor, we looked at rest – particularly resting in the Lord.  By resting in him we learn that he as all we need for our souls to survive the ups and downs of this fallen world.  We discussed a few key points:


  • Rest should be regular – whether it is a day set aside in the week or a time of day, it should be part of our routine.
  • Rest should give us time to focus on the Lord and His goodness, as well as His grace to help us rest in what He has helped us accomplish.
  • Rest is good for our health in so many ways.
  • Rest fits in with all the other topics we discussed.
  • Rest means it is okay to say “no” to certain activities.  We especially talked about how we can encourage one another in our restful times.  For example, when one of us says they cannot be a part of an activity because they need to rest, we can and should support that.


We discussed a few of the questions on the Activity Sheet.  Feel free to look those over and think on them over the week. We didn’t discuss a song, but we had lyrics for this song to encourage us.  Living Hope by Phil Wickham


Thank you for the different ways you may have participated in this study.  It was different for us.  We will have a survey soon to see what you thought of this approach.  We will also have one more blog with the verses we covered for each week. I hope we can “sharpen” each other with these thoughts in the days and months to come!

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